Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pie Kia Nice

Today morning, I got woke up by my sis yelling and CRIES!!!I decided to go out and wait for my mum so that we can go to Tiong Baruh.When my mum and me were at Tiong,we decided to eat at Pie Kia.I went over to buy Slurpee.When I was back,a BIRD was in the fast food restaurant.As you know, the bird has bad eye sight.The bird thought that the top layer(which has glass) was a place it can escape.But it was wrong.The bird knocked the glass at different places many times I feel sad for it so I try to catch it and set it back to the wild.Yeah Yeah I managed to persuade it to leave the restaurant=.=

Friday, September 26, 2008

" Newly Weds"

Ladies And Gentle-Man
My class haas a famous "couple" name N.chai and RH.won. This couple had a record breaking time of more that 1 year.Pair no.2 is S.jiu and LP.ning.Pari No.3 G.lim and nat.Tan. No.4 which is tthe most famous is B.Chaim and (Edited)=.= I feel that they should not talk about LOVE at this age

"Ho Seh" Arh

Today Dr Ng our MOE came to our school.Oh I'm telling you that he is an important person in the ministry and my teacher pulled my leg again=.=We were doing our activity when I came cross a word called Pelvis bone.I asked my teacher (Miss Woo) if there is a typing error,she says NO!!! Then from the corner of the class my friend shouted Pe***(You should know the P.P of males)I said "oi Pe*** is disgusting OMG(Oh my god for shot)=.=" Then my teachers said "Why? do you want me to check yours??"I say no.then as we continues our work.The I say a teacher says " Don't forget I still need to check your pp"Then I Say that I am a EUNUCH.XDEveryone laughs

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spelling Full

Today I just got back my previous spelling test results.For the first timr I repeat for the 1st time, I got full marks=.=!!!!Tomorrow is my spelling .I hope I'll get the Full marks again=.=

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Passing And Happy Week

Today my friend(Shaun Tan) and me were sitting a seat apart for Chinese.Our teacher asked us to form a marvelous sentence. I passed it =.= /:)My teacher says that Mr Ng (MOE) is coming to my school on Friday. My head of discipline (Mrs Lee) says that we must put up our best behavious.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

1st Time To A Church

Today i went to New Creation Church.It is located at SUNTEC CITY.It consists of 3 floors.Auntie Pebbles and Uncle Riffle with my family occupied the 4th floor since the 3rd and 6th floor were full.I am telling you that the church is very grand and I learn that Lord's words are his power and the most evil is the devil /:)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nice Shows

Today morning, I watched a few shows called Most Extreme on Ch 10 or ANIMAL PLANET.Ch 9 or History Channel,the show is The Universe , then I switch channels to Ch 12 or Discovery channel to watch Myth busters,Futureweapeons and Top TEN.Those shows are fabulous !!Any nice shows?? Please post them at the comments

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Arh!!!

Today,I had finished my Rubik's cube . At first, I felt my stomach coiled with a combination of fear and anticipation cause if I don't finish my Rubik's cube I can't tell my pup what proud thing I did today.What more did do??=.= I went to a small "KOPITIAM" near China town .Well , the food is not as soft as jelly or as hard as a rock , just edible. The food is splendid:)!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brothers "Hormone" Change

My brother's behaviour change radically. Not knowing why his behaviour change,Oh those thoughts sends tremors down my spine.My mum says that I can't play com until after my bro's exam which is 2 weeks later :(

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday,I got pierced by the prawns my pup and mum bought.OUCH!!My mum says that dripping hot wax on my wound would work.It may be an OMEN 0.0My brother said so pathetic really pathetic.I know that melted wax is hot!! But,what to do?Thooughts crossing my mind thinking should I drip or should I not.What if the accident happend on you?What would you do?
Have a suggestion or opinion?Please post it on the comments

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New P.E Teacher

I have a new PE teacher this term which is also my basketball teacher Mr Wong.He worked as a sniper men in army.He is very robust but also very hairy.He won the most prominent teacher for the term.He is a prompt runner. Well next week, my robust teacher avowed me to play B.B
on Thursday. YEAH!!!YEAH!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mysterious GURU

I have a guru that is on my blog site.Ever wonder that what a blog guru is??well it is a professional person depending on what he or she is doing.I would honestly like to who is the blog guru that is on my blog.IF YOU ARE THE BLOG GURU,PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR STATS OR AT LEAST IF YOU HAVE A BLOG PLEASE POST IT ON THE COMMENTS.

School's OUT

YEAH!!It has finally come to an end of a week and that means that I can spend more time doing blog.Don't you think its splendid.WHOOWHOO!!!:)Well Of corse you know that I love to play COM=.=and I am playing a new game called Chicken Invaders 2.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally-Mission Accomplish

Well hi folks.Today at school,my classmate Cheng Yao or famous stinky mouth Cheng ho talk back to my teacher in school:(.Oh....I can tell you that he has stinky mouth and Even some people think it is a fragrance but I think it is odour=.= Ihad never see my teacher so angry at him before.Well my mum has persuadad me to study hard for my exams.Oh ya my Compo book checking has passed,DO YOU BELIVE IT!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Detest My Chinese

Today, my chinese teacher asked us to do compo correction and the corrections are a lot and malady. He says that we must finish our work by tomorrow or else we will be DEAD!!!My affectionate and caring mother told me that don't hate chinese or I will not score well.My minimum target for all my SUBJECTS are 70-100.i know the numbers are massive, but my pup promised me tha I will $100 for all subjects that hit my target .

WELL MY SA2 is coming so see you after the EXAMS

Monday, September 8, 2008

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Your Life

Today at school,our Chinese teacher(mr Tay)told us that our exams are 1month and 2weeks away.Feeling melancholy, I continued my studies.But look on the bright side,after exam, we can play computer for as long as we want:).my father (Ng Ee Teen) promised to buy me Command And Conquer 4 Kane's Warith.I can't wait."It is a splendid idea" I said with a happy voice.I detest chinese cause I always don't score well and I am afraid that I would not get the CD.Chinese is like my hatred subject.Well,my father once told me"You only study for your own good."That phrasereally penetrate through my heart and touched me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bye for now ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Aunties Blog

My Aunts blog is very long.I bet its so long that it takes you at least 1hr to read all the contents.But the way she way she illustrates all the thing she is trying to elaborate out is very clear.i hope somethime in the future i can be like her CYA

Best Day Of All

On THURSDAY,my whole family went to marina square.It was a splendid night.My bro and i ate JAPANESE food.We ate more than 5 dishes.OH MY GOD!!!Well,my holidays are goin to an end,well school starts again and i hope that my next holidays will come soon.XD =.= LOL :)


This is all about my GUNZ account.Watch it,you will like it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

BUUU!!! (Holidays Are Coming To An End)

My holidays are coming to an end.But i will still keep on persevere to the end on finding the game DION ISLAND.I had agreed to my mother will on cleaning the house for 3HRS so for 1HR,I will get $7.00.Well i am hoping to get the game fast but there is a dis-adantage I what I hope.I wil waste time in finding the game.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Holiday's Come

Start of the holiday and I have all the time to play computer.Wel,lI am trying to find the game called DINO ISLAND.if you have sites where i can download the game for free,please post the web-site on the comments