Saturday, July 18, 2009

My character in MAFIA WARS

here is my character and stats in mafia:

Soldier Calia Lvl 46
jobs completed 1202
fights won 482
fights lost 452
death 13
mobesters whack 9
hitlist kills 1
successful heists 184
times robbed 374

Mafia members 128
finances 50,000,000/hr

baseball bat x1
colt pistol x1
sawed off shotgun x5
machine pistol x5
tommy gun x14
crowbar x1
chain gun x10
mechete x1
revolver x1
weighted Knuckle glove x1
bushmaster x2
brass knuckle x33
butterfly knife x34
trench knife x1
.45 revolver x18
C4 x10
9mm semiautomatic pistol x11
tactical shotgun x11
semi-auto gun x14
.22 pistol x42
tire iron x1
rpg launcher x1
napalm x2
fire bomb x12
.50 caliber rifle x6
auto rifle x10
grenade launcher x6
m16ai x1
asc 45 x1
para322 x3
garza 9 x1
Ra-92 x1
fireworks x4
flintlock pistols x4
bayonet x5
musket x1
meat cleaver x1
brick bat x3
really bloddy mop x1

body armour x5
bulletproff vest x1
local tough x1
stab proff vest x12
i <3 mom tatoo x6
body guard x6
night vision gogles x6
lucky shamrock medelion x3
street gang member x8
tri-pointed hat x8
david crockery hat x1
red coat x1


motorcycle x4
armoured sedan x3
speed boat x1
sedan x3
town car x500
getaway cruiser x11
deliverry truck x1
Indy Racer x2
armoured sedan x8
prop plane x1
luxuary yatch x1
harely davison x3
private jet x1
ocelot armoured truck x3
montain 320 x1
Si-14 Cargo plane x2
mini sub x3
Hu-19 helicopter x2
porsche911 x2
armoured truck x3
cigarret boat x2
Mara serpeient x1
police cruiser x1
hearse x5


Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey There!

Hi evry1, im Jia Qi...
Just helping xuan xuan 2 u noe change e blogskin, dunno whether he like, dun like?
made wif effort kays, appreciate hors zi xuan! ;)
Anw, change anything u want hors zi xuan! :D
vry easy ones, there's instructions (sort of)
u dunno just ask me kays :) willing 2 help :)
Tata. Gd lak on ur blog! :)